My Top Tip for a Rocking Life & Business in 2016 - Kirsten Roberts

My Top Tip for a Rocking Life & Business in 2016

It's probably not what you expect.

I have done a LOOAAADDD of education in my lifetime. 2 Masters degrees. Paying the top coaches in the world in developing online business, sales and marketing strategies etc.

But the biggest thing I have learnt from my own experience and seeing my clients hit comfort barrier after comfort barrier as they uplift their business and life - is what is inside of them holding them back.

Yep. A rocking life & business is all about the mind.

Your business and your life is only going to be as awesome as your mindset is.

Learn how to shed the guilt of not doing enough, not being enough.
Learn how to truly value yourself and what you deliver to others.
And learn how to get clear on what you truly want from life, business, love, health and wealth.

That is when things really start to change.
That is when your life and your business really elevate and you can feel that elevation.

It isn't when you have enough money. Your money mindset doesn't change whether you have your mortgage covered or not (I have seen this over and over again with people who are financially very comfortable but are crippled by the same money thoughts as those who don't have a whole lot to their name).

It isn't when you get some clients and testimonials under your belt.

The big change comes when you believe you are the person you want to be. Then you act like that person and ultimately you friggin well HAVE what that person has.

Its beautiful when it happens.It has changed my life and it can change yours.

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But somehow that true happiness and fulfilment is still hiding from you.
It totally fucks you off because you feel like you should have your shit together by now.

But the secret is - that there is only a limited number of people in this world who really have their shit together and are living a fulfilled, happy abundant life.

Everybody else is pretending all is good, but on the inside, they still have the same question "is this all there is".

So if you are ready to uplevel your business and uplevel your life. Then god it is time to uplevel your mind as well.

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Its time to get fucking excited by life.