Stop The Everyday Zig Zag In Your Business - Kirsten Roberts

Stop The Everyday Zig Zag In Your Business

You jump this way because you feel like there is that magical skill you really have to develop to solve the challenges you are having in the business.

Then you veer a different way because you have seen somebody else have success doing things that different way and you have found a good online course that shows you the steps.

Then you cut to the right because you had some good wins over in that area so perhaps you should be following that path.

But what the hell is your destination point. What are you clearly working towards. What calls you from your heart to do and be and how are you making that happen.

Because really we are so busy reacting to what is in front of us, we never knew the destination in front of us or keep losing sight of it as we chase down what shit is showing up today.

So it's time to sort that shit out. Get clear on that thing inside of you so you can drive towards it and then get the focus on the most high impact things that are gonna get you there.

Its called planning babes. And a lot of chicks don't map out the how they are going to make their "whats" happen. And they got lost. And disheartened and end up at a completely different point feeling shitty about themselves or unfulfilled because it's not what they truly set out to do.

<<<<< Vision It. Plan It. Rock It >>>>>


Well now it's time to get super specific about your vision and the way you are going to get there. It's time to stop fucking around with your business and get strategic.

Learn from the people who have built strategic plans for a living. Who have run businesses with strategic plans....not those who have managed to make $100k in a year with their coaching so know they are saying hey I can show you plan.

That's bullshit. If you want to get strategic then you do it with the people who have helped many businesses get strategic. Who can look at businesses from different angles and see where the opportunities and the gaps are. It's not just about saying "these are my goals" and let's go on our merry way.

If you wanna get strategic, let's do this.

I have helped build a bricks and mortar strategic consulting business. I've consulted to businesses from 1 man bands to large manufacturers with 100 staff to get super clear on what is the focus to make this shit happen.

And now I'm giving you the knowledge to create your map that guides you to where you are going.

In this FREE 14 day challenge you will get the step by step approach to building your vision from the soul, defining your focus for the next 90 days and getting clear on what are the steps you get to take to make that happen.

Jump into this FREE Facebook group to join the fun. Our first live lesson kicks off on Wednesday 6th Jan. It's time to get fucking strategic.