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Let’s talk about sex after kids

Sex after kids. You are either on the train where your husbands dangly bits are like bait in a shark tank. Or you on the train that is going in the opposite direction where the dangly bits have turned into a carcass hanging from a hook in a dirty side street in Cairo.

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Are You Suffering From Comparitis?

I’m here to bust you through one of the biggest limiting beliefs that can stop you from barreling full force into whatever it is your heart desires as you build your business. I’ve been stuck in the muck of what I call COMPARITIS before, and comparing yourself to others can freeze you in your tracks.

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You Are Emotionally Abusive

You are you know. If you said to somebody else what you said to yourself on a daily basis, you would call that emotional abuse. Listen to those voices that you don’t even acknowledge, because it is just you. They have always been with you, whispering like trees rustling constantly in the background.

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What Would I do if Money Was No Object?

This is the question I asked myself today. Not a fanciful question nor a dreamers question.

One of the best questions for you to work out what is aligned with you. To pull out of you exactly what your soul is calling for. I originally learnt this and other great journaling questions from Kat Loterzo.

This question delivers a loving insight into yourself unfiltered by money or expectations. A truth.

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