Colombia - Kirsten Roberts - Join Reveal Heal Grow


Hear your soul, see your truth

Where you and your partner's spirit leap together

and become intertwined in a higher realm

A journey with ayahuasca for you to reveal,

heal and grow 

10 days - July 2019

Meeting a person who is most important to you on a spiritual plane, alongside the more current world view of the emotional and physical self, creates a potent connection unheralded in our everyday world.

During this 10 day experience in Colombia in July, 2019, the intention is for you and your partner to grow and heal individually and then connect in a way that has not even been contemplated before.

Join Kirsten & Stuart Roberts on this journey with ayahuasca on magical healing grounds with a traditional shaman in regional Colombia.

10th - 19th July 2019
for a maximum of 8 people only

My ayahuasca journey in 2016 changed my life dramatically. I am excited to take you to the place that I trust, guided by the people whose culture is deeply enmeshed with Ayahuasca. This is the pure, authentic experience and there is nothing else like it. Kirsten x

Heal The Hidden Pains

Ayahuasca (or Aya as it is commonly called) reveals the truth that we have hidden away deep inside ourselves. Even for those of us who have done many years of the internal work, Aya still finds the layers that are trapping our outrageously brilliant full impact in this world.

Almost like a seek and destroy mission, Aya reveals those stories, conditionings or experiences that have held you back from being the fullest expression of yourself and then journeys you through healing them. 

Healings that would take many months or years in the outside world happen in matters of hours, sometimes even minutes. Physically, emotionally and spiritually, it is the whole of you that is transformed.

Connecting on a Different Realm

When I visualise this retreat I see the spirit of two lovers leaping towards each other. Sensually and vulnerably they share a tango together. Honouring, loving, flirting. They intertwine, passionately. Connected through every part of their being.  Unbreakable. Yet free. 
When those lovers stand apart they are each strong and knowing in their own right. Not defined by the other, not less without the other. Magnetic as they embody the fullness of who they are. Striking with the knowing and living as all they can be. Powerful apart. Yet intensely connected when together.

Journey Through All That You Can Be

Aya shows you the things that you have not been able to previously see. Not only does she show you, she allows you to live it. Connections with consciousness, understanding of energy / matter / life / the universe, your pathway, your choices, your gifts or your voice.

During an Ayahuasca ceremony you get to experience all of it. Time feels like it stands still as you journey through so many elements of life. You experience with all your senses what  the possibilities are for you - and you believe it!

Experience the beauty of Colombia

Fully guided all inclusive journey over 10 days

Experience two full days exploring the magic of Bogota and surrounds

Six days in the retreat centre on the edge of a jungle in Colombia (not like Romancing The Stone!!)

Supported by English language speaking guides who have lived in the US & Australia

Ayahuasca ceremony led by a female Shaman who has worked with me and many of my friends.

The Retreat Centre Experience

A magical land where it feels like time stands still

On arriving at the retreat centre, you walk down a steep hill and through the front gates to this beautiful property. You feel like you have entered another time. Flora blooming everywhere you like, bird sounds creating constants lullabies.

This land is owned by our hosts Martha Burgos and her husband, a former judge from Bogota. Martha was one of the first female shamans in Colombia. A central kitchen and eating area is where you will spend much time gathering.   

There might be dogs under the table, or chicken or horses just outside the door. None of it seems out of place in this mystical land.

We have the pleasure of being the only guests at the retreat 

Shamans and healers who are known and trusted

Martha and her daughter Maria will be our guide in the Aya ceremonies. I have personally experienced six ceremonies with Martha and different friends of mine from around the world have held retreats there. I trust Martha and Maria to guide us safely and to beautiful outcomes.  

This is the traditional experience. Once you walk over the little bridge you enter the sacred ceremony grounds. Sitting in a traditional "maloka" (ceremonial hut), one by one you consume the Aya that has been brewed into a tea.  

Martha brews each batch of tea differently to create different outcomes. The Ayahuasca itself is grown by a relative in Peru and transported to the retreat centre in Colombia.

Participate in four ceremonies over six days

The beauty of the experience is the journey that you go on through the different ceremonies. This layering experience allows your insights, connections and growth to evolve. Our time will culminate in a full moon ceremony on Tuesday 16th July. I had the privilege of experiencing a full moon ceremony in 2016 and it is one of the most delightful experiences of my life to date.

Each aya ceremony can go for a couple of hours or many many hours (I have witnessed ceremonies between 2 hours and 10 hours). The journey is different for everybody - it is based on what your soul and your subconscious desires.

Between ceremonies there is much time to rest and we will have such fun exploring nearby areas.

Colombia Your Detailed Agenda

10th July: Arrive Bogota

Arrive for your adventure in Bogota, Colombia. You will be met at the airport by one of our team drivers that works with our retreat centre. For those travelling from Australia/NZ, this trip can be done in one day (eg Mel /LA / Houston / Bogota OR AKL / Houston / Bogota)

11th - 12th July: Tourists in Bogota

For two days we will explore some amazing delights in and around Bogota. Our tour guide for these two days is Ricardo Valbuena. Ricardo is an artist and yoga instructor who has spent much of his adult life in the US and is now permanently back in Colombia. He assisted with our Aya ceremonies in 2016 and I personally spent much time with him.

During these two days you will notice your bodies starting to prepare for the Aya ceremonies. As a group our bonds and understanding will form even before we go to the retreat centre together.

13th July: Travel to Retreat Centre

Early on Saturday 16th March we travel as a group to the retreat centre which is approximately two hours from Bogota. We arrive in time to have breakfast at this mystical place which is nestled into the side of a hill overlooking a beautiful valley.

13th July - 18th July : Retreat Centre, Tena

Our retreat takes place in Tena. We stay on the lands of our host and Shaman, Martha Burgos and during our 6 days there you will find that time stands still. Whilst at the retreat centre, we eat at the communal kitchen where all the food is prepared and the family comes together. Your body will absorb much energy and nourishment from the earth in this time. Spiritually, emotionally and physically you grow and change and you will have the opportunity to explore nearby places that are representative of regional life of Colombia. Our group are the only visitors at the retreat centre at this time.

18th July: Travel Back To Bogota

We travel back out of the jungle and to Bogota as a group. We will spend a quiet day in Bogota and one last dinner together.

19th July: Depart Bogota

You will be transported back to the airport by our trusted drivers ready for your flight home or your next destination.

My Ayahuasca Experience

Below are the recordings or memories following different ceremonies in 2016. These were recorded either in the ceremony or shortly after as a way of honouring what it was I experienced.
I completed this trip with my mentor at the time. Stu was not with me. So much more came out of it and continues to do so as visions I saw nearly three years ago become current day truths.  

I want you to feel the snippets of the magic of this journey and what this might mean for you.

To kick it off..
Watch a video from the beginning of my trip here
 Listen to the sounds of the ceremony grounds here
Watch a video capturing the rest of the trip here.

During Ceremony 1 I witnessed my sexual assault I went through at the age of four. I had suspected something had happened because I had no memory from before this time. It was brutal. Absolutely fucking brutal. I wailed such painful cries. Yet it was so perfect because it allowed me to heal and hold that broken little girl at the age of four. In that first ceremony I was able to go through and process what would take me at least six months if not longer in the real world. That ceremony was one of the greatest gifts of my life because it changed my understanding of everything.

Ceremony 2 (click here to listen) was when I first saw the spirit of my children. It connected me to them in such a deep profound way and to this day guides me in how I guide them. It also showed me my husband and our true connection which I didn't fully appreciate at that time.

Ceremony 3 (click here to listen) was the full moon ceremony. It was the first time I understood why I wasn't  able to properly receive and instantly changed my ability to do so. A beautiful ceremony for me and one that I remember in detail.

Ceremony 4 was the experience of true alignment - the balance of the masculine and the feminine and the power that comes from within. Recorded whilst still in ceremony - listen here

Other outcomes that I witnessed first hand

A lady saw that she got to raise her private coaching fees from $250k per year to $1 million (and yes she did it)

A guy with a significant physical disability involving his spine was able to heal some of the stories associated with it. Consequently the physicality of his body changed and he was able to stand straighter and taller.

A lady who felt her relationship with her husband was over, saw the reasons why it wasn't working in herself. The changes in her meant there were big changes in the relationship. They are now more in love and have a one year old baby boy.

And for me life has changed so much. That year I went on to host a big event in New York with women flying in from 8 different countries. Over two nights and days we changed many many lives.

I healed my reproductive system as I healed from the sexual abuse. I have been able to let go of my six miscarriages and significant health issues I have. My periods are now pain free and I feel like I have a galaxy inside my pelvis after a lifetime of chronic pain and many procedures.

My children are thriving. For those of you who know what my children, particularly my oldest has been through you will understand the power of this.  

My husband and I love each other intensely and deeply - our relationship has gone to depths that frankly I didn't know was in us.

Now we are so happy to share all this with you x 

Your Investment

The investment for this 10 day trip is all inclusive from the time you land at Bogota airport to the time you depart again. All transport, accomodation and meals that we eat as a group are included. You will require some money if you choose to do some shopping and for food and drink if you go on any individual or small group adventures.  

You are responsible for your own flights and getting to and from Bogota airport on the correct dates.

US$7,500 per person


per month x 3 months

Your place is confirmed on this trip ONLY with either the first month payment or upfront payment. This trip is for a maximum of four couples only.

Stu and I are so thrilled to be hosting this together. We have been on our own amazing journey over the years. Together for 24 years and married for 18 with three incredible kids. Yet its only been the last few years where we have truly seen the depth of the magic in each other.  

We lived with much personal tragedy. Throw in an interesting journey of three kids on the autism spectrum including significant mental health issues and life felt like constant crisis. For many years circumstances dictated our response to life.

Now I am so proud of the parents we are, the people and the couple we are. Intuitive, open and free.

My journey with ayahuasca has been a huge part of my growth in myself personally, the amazing connections I have with my husband and kids and the impact I get to have on the world today.

I am just as excited for us as I am for you to go on this journey. The opportunity for us to be greater individuals and a far greater couple truly ignites me.

If you are interested in joining us then reach out for a conversation. It's important that we both feel the "hell yeah" vibes as we go through this intimate journey together.

This is the one and only time I will be hosting this journey and I'm proud Stu is by my side. It is intense, unbelievable, magical and yet so real. I'm honoured to host you through the most incredible time. x