You Can’t Heal Your Circumstances Unless You Have Healed Yourself - Kirsten Roberts

You Can’t Heal Your Circumstances Unless You Have Healed Yourself

Give all your thoughts
Over to how you want to feel
Choose in the moment
The things that feel light
Rather than the things you should

Holding onto the circumstances
That brought you to this tough place
Means those circumstances don’t die
They continue to grow
And have focus
They are an ongoing part of your life

To move through the hard times
Requires a dose of selfishness
You can’t heal your circumstances
Until you have healed yourself

Healing yourself begins with you
With going within
It’s not the things that have been done to you
Nor the downfalls of the people around you
It is simply with you

When you focus on healing you
Your outlook begins to change
You believe you can be more
You believe you can do greater
You believe your own worth
You believe in you

Your belief then grows
Before your circumstances change
It is a magical process
To have an inner knowing
That it can all be different

You change
Your belief changes
And THEN your circumstances change

You change, your belief changes, then circumstances change. #bravemakers & #dreamchasers

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This is where you get to be strong
Where people around you
Can only see circumstances
But what you can see within
Is so much more than that

Hold onto that belief
Hold onto the healing inside of you
Know that is your pathway out
Of the hurt in your soul

That’s what we do in our new group
bravemakers & dreamchasers

We solve ourselves first
To reveal our soul purpose
Come and play along
Lets rise together xx