Work With Me - Kirsten Roberts

a wild journey together

The passion. The fire. The grit and the grace

There is an energy that is burning deep inside

Your soul is calling you...summonsing you

Asking you to surrender all that you think you control

To find the wild women within

The impact of you, here in this universe, right here and right now is gloriously beyond the comprehension of what you know.   How exciting is that right...that you can't even fathom the the generosity, the scale, the depth and the power...oh my much power that you are here to create, 

I'm talking about the power to shift lives. To impact the universal consciousness. To compel a grander, fuller or healthier life for others.  To deepen luscious connections with the most important people in your life.  To truly live with incredible contentment that is powered by a fire of delight  in your loins! (yes this is a thing...I promise you).

To create your impact that is the FULL reflection of you.  In all your glory.....body, soul, business and mind united as one to create this outstanding life.

The work I am here to do is now so clear and vivid.  It's like I can't look away or do anything else.  It is just me.    

If there is any questioning at all of what your purpose is Kirsten is THE MASTER at helping you find it. Without filter. She is a bullshit free zone. She often knows the destination before you do but you don’t get out of it that easy.  She gets you to see it for yourself, not tell you, so it becomes that you just know.

Joanne Mathews
The Natural Health Summit

Kirsten is the light beacon, the home base for all women who are seeking refuge from their inner turmoil, society expectations and what they "think" they should be doing.

Kirsten’s energy not just empowers your success in business, it changes your, life, your relationships and outlook. Abundance follows in all aspects of your life.  Kirsten taps in to the parts of the soul that we have buried or forgotten to see the light.  She is a rare leader, healer and a compass for women who are ready to work with her.

Kylie Kiric
Freeing Your Spirit

Kirsten helped me reconnect back into my soul calling.      I spent way to much time worried about other peoples thoughts.  Now I trust me and my amazing intuition.

Business has becomes easier and decisions feel lighter.   I've let go of the weight of control so everything rolls is more fun in life and at home. 

I feel calm when I speak my truth to colleagues and clients and am excited to show the real me.

Kirsten pushes you gently to the edge. That moment you feel like cringing is actually where the magic happens.

Rene Serbon

Dermaviduals - Canada

Dermal Educationist

So natural....

Thats the true work from the soul.  Allowing you to find you and reveal the impact in this world you are most called to do.

Its big and brave and sometimes scary and overwhelming as fuck.

But that soul purpose...that natural place that sits deep inside of you, is your true course.

Having the courage to strip all away so you can see the truth is where we start.

Surrendering enough so you can hear, see and feel the brilliance, the strength and the depth of your calling is where we journey together.

Moving forward with calm knowing, a flaming purpose within and an unwavering belief in who you are and what you are here to do is where we end.

Right now you think you know your role, what you deserve and what you are capable of.  You have boundaries of what you can say and what you can't say and a view on what is good and what is bad.   

Your circumstances. Your stories. Your role models. Your life experiences have all placed layer upon layer over who you really are.  Shaped by how you have been loved, nourished and cared for.  Shaped by the places you have been, what you have seen and what you have heard.   They have created a view of who you are and what you can do.  

But what if that view was untrue or only some of the truth.  What if the view of who you are, the happiness  that you can create, the impact you can have and the heart bursting fulfilment is so much greater than you could imagine.

Right now you don't have a reference point to compare with  just how much more life force there can be.  You know what you know.

You have built what you have in life so far through making shit happen, hustling, going places others won't and working frigging hard.   You have made things happen over and over again.  You are called successful.

But there is that missing piece of the puzzle.  That feeling of heart full and life full.  Your life force is diminished by guilt, fear, questioning, over-analysing, FOMO and whatever the fuck else you can think of. 

Uncovering the real you - that you from before you knew allows your true soul purpose to emerge.   It’s the place where you are truly yourself and it is more expansive, more impactful and more truthful than you have ever witnessed. It is exquisitely the most perfect representation of you.

i believeD in myself enough to start my own law firm

Ali Cusack

Kirsten helps you see who exactly you are and why that is so amazing.  She shows you how to let that real you out in your everyday life and then the magic happens.

Working with Kirsten you get to see the inner you is pretty fab, and there is nothing dark and scary hidden there. You are pretty cool just the way you are and you've let outside forces write your story. 

I've really strengthened my inner being and trust myself and my intuition more. I have clear boundaries where I stand up for myself more, not in a defensive / offensive way but just cooly, calmly and without apology. 

I have just started my own law firm and am excited.  I'm trusting the way I do things.  The the first few weeks I signed my first very large client.  

Do this work.  You have nothing to fear except the unknown and that's a shitty reason to not be awesome!!

how does private coaching roll

each project with each woman is unique to her

Intuitively guided you might say.  Its a massive fuck yeah from me when a client and I tune in together and craft the most perfect journey just for her.    Whether that is weekly or bi-weekly calls together, a private retreat or an in-person inside out fuckery (which is only of the amazing kind).....the process will be exactly what your soul is calling for.

so what the hell does that mean

Well lets take the example that we are guided to work together over six months and we speak fortnightly.    Those one-on-one calls together (conducted over zoom) are the radically life changing, eye opening, what-the-hell-just-happened sessions where we go into your body, your emotions and your soul and heal or expand whatever the next level is for you.  

do we talk about business or about ourselves

The answer is it depends.   What is often showing up in your business and your life (and your health and your love) is a direct reflection of what is happening inside of you.  What you are allowing, what you are hiding and what you believe right now.   Our job together is to clear what is standing in the way or expand the awesome bits.    The result of that work is you can't comprehend right, in how you are at home, how you run your business, how you love yourself and how you impact the world.

that all sounds very deep

You betch-ya.   That is the work I'm here to do.  I'm done with superficial conversations and surface level changes.   Deep work.   Big changes.  Huge expansions.   Live's significantly moved.   That is the work I am here to do. the leaders of this world live this radically full life with conscious connections and unbreakable self-belief.    When they do that and show others the explosion in their life and their business and reveal the inner work that they were willing to do to get there... then it starts to become the norm in starts to become expected.   We are lifting the energy of this world, the care, the compassion, the humanity, the happiness, the love, the knowing....TOGETHER. 

tell me more about the private retreats

Scintillating is the word that comes to mind.   Whether it is 24 hours or 3 days that will become clear as we explore the retreat together.   The reason for the retreat is unique to you.    For some it is about stripping back and revealing - rapidly solving the stories that you are carrying within you that dimming your light.   For others its about anchoring.  Creating a deep connection within, a solid knowing and inner fierce strength and embedding that code within as you head into new adventures.    At your retreat you are immersed in an experience that accelerates the revealings and the insights.  It bring massive momentum in the most loving way.   With time to marinate in the lessons and integrate the knowings, your heart, mind, soul and business re-enter life in such an elevated state.

where does business fit in this

Business filters through all of it.  When we are living our soul purpose, a business is just a natural extension of our gifts and our powers.   Business is a joy that can flow along with our natural state of life.   The beauty of revealing your soul purpose is that the unique pieces of you and your adventures in life meld together in such a unique pattern to you.   The business strategy falls out almost from your calling in life.    Your strategy is revealed when you are ready to receive it.   I see it before you and help you see it, believe it, own it and embed it in you.   

What's It Like To Work With Kirsten?

You will love and and hate her all in the one breath, the one moment.
Because once you are in and commit to doing the work, Kirsten is by your side.  And she does not leave til the task is done.

You may want to turn and run, hide and not feel- yet she holds you in her gaze, gentle and firm til you're ready to go again.

In her knowing, guided by her intuition and your need she assists you to search, see and surrender to that which you are called.

Painful, scary and liberating.

Kirsten brings her full self to this work, and invites you to meet her there.

Loretta Hart

While held in love you go deeper than you thought possible to emerge fuller, lighter and clear.

Nothing will happen unless you want it to, you are in full control and there will always lie your problem.

With Kirsten beside you, guiding, healing, supporting, poking and prodding you get to let go of what is has been and step towards .... I don't even know the words of what that is, but I know it when I feel it and so will you.

Loretta Hart
Happy Chicks Collective

Sometimes I feel like the phoenix.  I have risen, then plummeted to the earth and then from the ashes have been re-birthed and risen again.

Now I feel so comfortable and confident owning my truth as a master healer and an intuitive business strategist.   It is the norm for me to see in vivid detail the pathway to healing and then the most gorgeously unique business and the steps to it.    Its a gift for me...and a gift for you.

Life is so full of joy, of happiness, friendships, collaborations and just of knowing.   

I am living the other side - the side you don't know exists.    How could you when you don't know what you don't know.  Without any frame of reference you couldn't believe that life could be so easy despite the circumstances you are around.  You couldn't believe that you are just filled with happiness and joy and life and light all the freaking time and you definitely couldn't believe that things always, ALWAYS work out for you.

But that is what this work delivers.   That is what I deliver.

The Truth
The truth is that this is also available to you my friend.   Even though you don't know exactly what it is just yet, you know what you have right now is not the way you choose to live life any more.  Its not the way you choose to do business any more. 

Every step you have made, every crest you have risen and every stumble you have felt has brought you to this point.  This moment right now is the perfect point of you, for you and by you.   Its the moment when you get to choose you.   

I've found more of the heart piece in my business and my marriage has become stronger by overcoming a big hidden belief