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.....worthy girls grow into self-knowing teens who transform into powerful compassionate women collectively changing the world

The work is for the girls, but the work is for you...the worthy woman too.

In fact the work starts with us...the amazing everyday women of the world.  Having the courage to follow our dreams, speak our truths, live with vitality, feel deeply and laugh so goddam loudly.

We....it is we.. who are the leaders for the girls..the role models for the generations to come.   What a great privilege for you and for I that we get to teach, embody and live incredible self-worth.

Lets do it with laughter, love and kindness and fun.   Lets do it together.

The women I see firmly stands her ground, totally owning her unique style.

Head is high and heart is out.  

She holds one hand up high raising all her gifts for everyone to see.

She looks you firmly in the eye with a slight smile on her lips.

The eyes are ablaze with a power and an intensity and a very special knowing of
Yes. I. Am.

"The Oils" I call them. Essential oils is the correct term, but I'm going with The Oils...they have rapidly taken a huge place in my life. The love affair has been swift and deep, and together we hit third base pretty quickly (don't tell Stu).

Little did I know when I started out with The Oils that they are like magic in a bottle. They ask more of you than sometimes want to give and they don't leave you any place to hide.

If a smell repels you, its a sign there is something to uncover. If an oil calls to you, it is a sign of something to explore. Your emotional, physical and spiritual needs somehow inexplicably intertwined and supported by seemingly innocuous but oh so potent bottles of oil.

Really they are plant medicine. They are the liquid essence of plants that for centuries have been used to heal heart, mind and body throughout the world (hello Outlander viewers...you know what I am talking about).

One oil can impact so many parts of your life. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually......Yet always. Always. Naturally.

They help heal wounds (of the body and the soul). Strengthen your immunity for your health and your immunity in sharing your voice. They move feelings held inside of you. They accelerate a conscious life.

The Oils, specifically DoTERRA oils, now play a huge role in my transformations, my families and in my clients. It is beautiful, it is powerful and it is like WHOOOSH in the changes and how fast they bring them in.

Pick me Pick me
Your soul is whispering ever so quietly
Softly Rustling
Like whispers on the breeze